EUR 375 thousand for … wave to fans

EUR 375 thousand for … wave to fans

France 2 television broadcast a report about Paris Saint-Germain, which was widely heard not only in the country on the Seine, but also throughout Europe. The document discloses that some players of the Paris club charge bonuses for their (appropriate) behavior.

For example, players’ account may influence money for … wave their supporters after the match. Captain PSG, Thiago Silva, earns 33 thousand euros for this gesture. But this is nothing compared to Neymar, who after the final whistle of the referee for the approach to the fans and thank you for doping, is collecting 375 thousand euros.

As one might suppose, the Brazilian denied this information via Instagrama explaining that it is a total bonus for sticking to the broadly understood “code of ethics”, which is simply the club rules. And in it – in addition to the already mentioned wave to supporters – included elements such as punctuality in training, respect for the media or a ban on betting on matches in which the club participates.

Do we give faith to Neymar? On the one hand – why not? On the other hand, the France 2 documentary appeared just after the German daily Der Spiegel in cooperation with Football Leaks revealed the economic requirements of Kyliana Mbappé, when he signed a contract with PSG. A French teenager wished, among other things, a private jet and a huge increase. Details? Here you are.

Before Kyliana Mbappé came to an agreement with PSG, he flirts with Real Madrid very intensively. The Frenchman was close to transfer to the Spanish capital for 180 million euros, but eventually the player decided not to change the league. 

The main reason for such a decision was to be the sentence of my father Mbappé, who claimed that in Madrid there is too much competition (then in the royal ranks BBC – Bale, Benzema and Cristiano) had an unquestionable status. According to Father Mbappé, adaptation in Real would be hindered by factors such as foreign countries and culture. In addition, at PSG Kylian would be a member of the office, and of course he could count on better earnings.

But to the point. Kylian Mbappé negotiated 55 million euros for a 5 year contract (including 5 million for signature). As a result, the Tri-color representative has become one of the best-paid players in France. You can get this right here without cost 먹튀.

Football Leaks also reported other player’s demands, which the PSG eventually disagreed with. Including the hypothetical winning of the Golden Ball, thanks to which the Frenchman would become the best-paid player in the team, jumping even to Neymar, who annually pays 30 million euros. 

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