Explore My Options -U.S Green Card Eligibility

For mates of U.S. green card holders, in any case, the I-485 documenting bundle can’t be submitted until the U.S. Division of State discovers that a green card is accessible in the visa release, given different yearly tops. The hold up time is presently around one and a half years, however this can shift by a couple of months, contingent upon the nation of origin of the mate looking for a green card. When the I-485 recording bundle is submitted, USCIS will commonly process it inside 9–11 months.

How to get Green Card? prints out the entirety of your structures and reports, amassed definitely how the administration likes. We mail the entire bundle to your doorstep, prepared for you to sign and send to the right government address. We even give the envelope and spread the transportation charge. Prepared to begin?


There is an alternate procedure to support a green card for a life partner living abroad. The following stage is to document an application bundle with the National Visa Center (NVC), which is controlled by the State Department. The NVC assembles the vital structures and reports and chooses whether the life partner is prepared for a meeting at a U.S. government office or department abroad (a method known as “consular handling”).

Basic components of a NVC recording bundle include:

Government recording charges of $445 (counting $120 for the money related help structure and $325 for the State Department preparing expense)

Structure DS-260 (green card application documented on the web)

Evidence of nationality of the companion looking for a green card (duplicate of birth authentication and visa photograph page)

Duplicate of a police freedom authentication for the life partner looking for a green card (demonstrating past cooperations with law requirement, assuming any)

Confirmation of the supporting life partner’s capacity to monetarily bolster the mate looking for a green card (counting Form I-864, or “Testimony of Support,” and proof, for example, government forms and pay stubs)

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