IT specialist for demonstrating a security flaw in the software used

Bulgarian authorities have arrested an IT specialist for demonstrating a security flaw in the software used

Over time, it is most likely to create more than one profile that will contain sensitive login details such as passwords. Are you wondering where it is all kept ?! Already calmed down, all settings are encrypted (if you want, and you want to.

The control itself does not store connection profiles only returns them to our application and it is up to us programmers to decide where to save them.) I am referring you to the examples of using the SQL Connection Dialog control, which you will find on the manufacturer’s website. In samplach, you can see an example of the control implementation and a way to store encrypted connection profiles.

The control itself is similar to the login window from the SQL Server Management Studio application (some may feel familiar :), with the difference that SQL Connection Dialog can be personalized and used in our application. Note that we no longer need to encode everything from scratch, but we get a ready solution that can be adapted to our needs in any way.


I really liked the easy and friendly way to configure control properties. From the Property Visual Studio window, we are able to adjust almost every element of the control and its settings. All properties are described in such a way that we can easily understand what they are responsible for.

Screenshot 2. Part of the properties of the SQL Connection Dialog control

One of the most interesting features is the simple change of the control language. We have a choice of 9 built-in language versions that can be changed from the Property window or application code. Changing one value will replace the text in all visible control labels. The values ​​of individual labels can also be set manually and enter your own text. If the control does not support our language, we have an interface through which we can provide the control with any other language from the code level.

We have the ability to hide elements or entire tabs of the control. Some of the elements we can exclude, for example, a field with the name of the server or database, so that the user can not change the specific settings. An interesting fact is the progress bar, which we can turn on and will appear when connecting to the database.For best services you can visit just goto River Sweepstakes.

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