Poland helps in Nepal after the earthquake

Poland helps in Nepal after the earthquake

It is the fourth anniversary of the tragic consequences of the earthquake in Nepal. The Poles through Caritas Polska from the beginning were close to the aggrieved, and thanks to their generosity, several destroyed towns were completely rebuilt. At the end of March, Caritas Polska employees visited Nepal to plan further, long-term assistance on the spot.

At the end of April 2015 Nepal suffered a tragic earthquake. The two main shocks of April 25, both with a magnitude of over 7 on the Richter scale, resulted in destruction in more than 14 districts of the country. Government sources say that nearly 9,000 people were killed then, and more than 23,000 were injured. About a million people needed immediate food assistance.

Caritas Polska found itself on site during the week with humanitarian transport. During the first months after the disaster, the most important thing was to provide access to drinking water, food and medical assistance. With time, after carrying out research on the needs of local communities, a comprehensive reconstruction program was developed for the villages that were most affected.

Thanks to the generosity of the Poles, Caritas Polska joined directly in the repair program, as a result of which 200 houses were built over the next 4 years, the infrastructure for irrigating the fields was rebuilt and 100 people received financial support for the start-up. In addition, comprehensive training in tillage and cattle farming was provided.

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