The breasts will enlarge your dentist

The breasts will enlarge your dentist

However, if this habit is neglected, plaque and tartar may accumulate in huge amounts. The plate can create a bridge between teeth, called the “plaque bridge”. When a person with the resulting bridge finally goes to the dentist to remove the plaque, he can lose teeth with her!

The longer the plaque is on the tooth, the more it damages the surrounding tissues. Bacteria can eat gums and bones, removing the support for the tooth. Over time, the tile becomes the only thing that keeps your teeth in place. When it is removed, the teeth can not stand alone.

sticking your teeth

Many people are afraid of visiting the dentist. For some, fear is so great that instead of going to the dentist, they prefer to stick a Super Glue tooth.

A British woman did so for about 10 years. Unfortunately, because of the chemical substances contained in the adhesive, the teeth eventually have been damaged. It ended with the insertion of a dental implant – a solution much more expensive and more time-consuming than a new dental crown.

Swallowed orthodontic appliance

An Australian went to the hospital because of a stabbing stomach ache. After examining her doctors discovered something amazing – a piece of metal wire. The wire pierced the small intestine, causing pain.

The woman completed orthodontic treatment ten years before the onset of pain. Probably during the removal of the camera, she swallowed a small piece of wire and it took some time before he could put himself in a position that could hurt her.
Defects in milk teeth can be ignored. Error! The milk teeth are in fact very important for proper oral health. If they fall out too early, it can lead to permanent teeth problems when they appear. You should take care of milk teeth in the same way as for permanent ones.Now take a look at how these features of suchy zębodół.

Orthodontic appliances are for teenagers. It is a common myth that if you did not wear a camera during teenage years, then it is too late. It’s not true! Adults can also benefit from them. Systems such as Invisalign are designed so that adults can straighten the bite without the need to attach visible orthodontic brackets and wire to the teeth.

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