Toure signs for Chinese second tier club Qingdao

Toure signs for Chinese second tier club Qingdao

There are football derby in this tear of paddles, in which from unhealthy emotions boils and whose temperature is always close to boiling. Such derby, which with the wave of aggression and hatred flowing out of the lips and hearts of two opposing sides, would flood the whole world.

Derby, which shakes the country and divides it in half, which not only decides about the titles of champions, but also about the situation in the state. Those that can overthrow governments and because of whom league games have been canceled. Finally, those that often end in a bloody slaughterhouse.

Political football

Football is a great thing in Egypt. It’s religion. In most countries you are born a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew. In Egypt you are born either by the Al-Ahly or Zamalek supporter. They will not ask you for a confession here, they will ask you if you are after Zamalek or Al-Ahly, “explained student Adel Abdel Ghafar in” The National “.

There live from the match to the match, every day he prays for his teams, rivals wish the worst, people only want goals and victories. “We expect a win in every meeting” – said in an interview with the journalist “The Guardian” Asad, the head of the group Ultras Ahlawy.

It is also a discipline pierced with politics throughout. When the then Egyptian coach Hassan Shehata was dismissed, it was not only because of the poor results, but above all because he was a supporter of Mubarak. However, players and trainers supporting the previous head of the state were blacklisted by their own fans. .

The authorities, in turn, engage their efforts in football, because they know that the stadiums are, apart from mosques, the only mainstay of freedom, a place where thousands of people have something to say, dissatisfied with their own life situation. Therefore, many team presidents are simply members or close associates of the government, like Mortada Mansour, the current head of Zamalek.

He hates the most fervid supporters belonging to the ultras group. He would like to be included in the list of terrorist organizations. “It’s not fans, it’s criminals. They use bombs and live ammunition “- he maintains and wages a constant war with them. Twice he was attempted to assassinate him, he was doused with urine.For best services you can visit just goto UFABET.

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